Are My Feelings Really Mine?

Are your “feelings” really yours?  Sometimes they’re not . . .

Yesterday I wrote about how I stored pain in my body by just listening to a friend.  I am amazed how I do that and, believe me, I’m not aware when it happens.  Taking on what Michael calls “Stuff from other people” happens to me a lot:  emotional stuff,  thought patterns, and other ways that are even more mysterious.   It just happens to me subconsciously.

What I become conscious of is suddenly seeing the world differently.  I see my husband differently.  For example, whenever I don’t see him as the best and  the greatest,  and have only love for him, I know I have “stuff.”

I remember when my friend Shona told this to me the first time.  She said “You know, when you don’t see Michael as Love and magnificent you have stuff.” I didn’t believe her then, but began to look at it.  Really?  This was a new concept and I just tried it on.

will smith on feelingsIt took me a while to observe what I feel when “stuff” happens.  Sometimes I spend time with my girl friends and I love and adore them very much.  And then afterwards it happens, every so often, I look at Michael very skeptically and critically.  I feel there is nothing he can do right.  And, really, he has no chance to do anything right at this point!

I don’t like myself that way, but these are my feelings, right?  Not necessarily, I found out.  Normally, we are told to trust our feelings, to allow our emotions to give us feedback.  But if you are a “psychic sponge” like me, you have to give yourself permission to check using muscle testing:  are these really my feelings?

Using the Logical Soul® Technique to investigate, I found out that  I am very quick in taking on other peoples’ feelings, memes, mind viruses, and even   their ancestors’ ideas about life and reality!  During this whole thing, the only indication I have that this is not my stuff is that my life suddenly looks different.  I think differently and feel differently, but at the same time the underlying belief is that this feeling is mine.

The other indication that this is other people’s stuff is that once I identify that these feelings are indeed NOT mine and drop them using the Logical Soul®, they are gone . . . suddenly the sun shines and I’m in love again!  Michael can now miraculously do no wrong, everything is pretty darn good, and I’m happy.

If it is truly my stuff, I also find this out through muscle testing.  Then I will  look at it and deal with it accordingly.  This is a different process .  I invite you to check yourself for one whole day: how you feel when you are socializing or dealing with different people.  Be alert to the changes and let go of what’s not yours!

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