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Oh, This Feeling of Longing….

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

longingYesterday I told you about “taking on other people’s feelings.” Today I want to share with you a story that could have been dramatic but then just evaporated….

It’s Saturday,  I’m driving in my car, enjoying the sun shine, feeling grateful for just being alive, when I see one of my neighbors standing with a lady friend in front of his house.  I see him, he looks at me and whoosh I have this feeling of incredible longing.  So I go on driving, run my errands observing “longing.”  Longing can be very painful ….and it’s intense, so I am thinking “what do I do?”

I mean I am trying to live an authentic life.  Should  I visit him?    So no, I go home to Michael and tell him……by the way, Michael and I have an agreement to tell each other everything, even if its difficult to say.  And no, it’s not fun.  I suspect none of us like it because we think “I won’t look good” and  I feel embarrassed, of course.

But what’s also true is that Michael is my friend as well as my husband.  He knows I will never hurt him, and just want to know what’s really going on with me.  I also know he will not freak out when I tell him things (this is, of course, important).  He just sits there, listening patiently.  He knows he’s a great guy, loves me, and doesn’t question how I feel, except to help me past it.  I don’t know how he got that – maybe from his beloved grandmother Mimi).

Anyhow, so I tell him that I have this longing for this neighbor guy and he does the Logical Soul® muscle testing while having me make statements like “these are my feelings” or “someone else’s feelings,” etc.  And guess what?  These feelings are NOT mine – they belonged to my neighbor’s  lady friend who stood with him.   They were her longings for him.

The moment I got that  these intense feeling of longing did not originate from me, but were just “pick up feelings,”  that intensity was suddenly gone……poof!  Do you know what I would have done 30 years earlier in my life, not knowing what I know now, but living in the space of “being real”?  I would have packed my suit case and left my husband.    I guess that’s why we were blessed to discover the Logical Soul® . . . to stay sane and help others be the same!

Can you imagine how the world would be with so much LESS DRAMA in it?  It staggers the imagination!


Are My Feelings Really Mine?

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Are your “feelings” really yours?  Sometimes they’re not . . .

Yesterday I wrote about how I stored pain in my body by just listening to a friend.  I am amazed how I do that and, believe me, I’m not aware when it happens.  Taking on what Michael calls “Stuff from other people” happens to me a lot:  emotional stuff,  thought patterns, and other ways that are even more mysterious.   It just happens to me subconsciously.

What I become conscious of is suddenly seeing the world differently.  I see my husband differently.  For example, whenever I don’t see him as the best and  the greatest,  and have only love for him, I know I have “stuff.”

I remember when my friend Shona told this to me the first time.  She said “You know, when you don’t see Michael as Love and magnificent you have stuff.” I didn’t believe her then, but began to look at it.  Really?  This was a new concept and I just tried it on.

will smith on feelingsIt took me a while to observe what I feel when “stuff” happens.  Sometimes I spend time with my girl friends and I love and adore them very much.  And then afterwards it happens, every so often, I look at Michael very skeptically and critically.  I feel there is nothing he can do right.  And, really, he has no chance to do anything right at this point!

I don’t like myself that way, but these are my feelings, right?  Not necessarily, I found out.  Normally, we are told to trust our feelings, to allow our emotions to give us feedback.  But if you are a “psychic sponge” like me, you have to give yourself permission to check using muscle testing:  are these really my feelings?

Using the Logical Soul® Technique to investigate, I found out that  I am very quick in taking on other peoples’ feelings, memes, mind viruses, and even   their ancestors’ ideas about life and reality!  During this whole thing, the only indication I have that this is not my stuff is that my life suddenly looks different.  I think differently and feel differently, but at the same time the underlying belief is that this feeling is mine.

The other indication that this is other people’s stuff is that once I identify that these feelings are indeed NOT mine and drop them using the Logical Soul®, they are gone . . . suddenly the sun shines and I’m in love again!  Michael can now miraculously do no wrong, everything is pretty darn good, and I’m happy.

If it is truly my stuff, I also find this out through muscle testing.  Then I will  look at it and deal with it accordingly.  This is a different process .  I invite you to check yourself for one whole day: how you feel when you are socializing or dealing with different people.  Be alert to the changes and let go of what’s not yours!

Relationship and Low Back Pain: How Miracles Happen

Friday, January 24th, 2014

low back pain causesHow do relationships – and even stories of these relationships – impact health and low back pain?  Ask me!

A lady who helps me clean our house came over and while cleaning told me about the newest developments in her troubled relationship.  Not good – drugs, cheating, really not good.  In the meantime we packed away all the Christmas stuff outside and inside the house and I felt so grateful how easy that went and how clear the house looked again.

When the evening came around I had spasms in my lower back.  I really discovered  excruciating pain and told Michael that the life I have lived until this day has changed forever (I tend to be a little dramatic).   Any movement was painful and the thought being dependent on my husband for any movement did not help.  My husband Michael (a chiropractor) examined my low back and suspected I had a disc problem or herniation.  He then adjusted it and put me on the inversion table.  Nothing seemed to help.  Finally I had to take some pain pills.  They helped until the next morning, but then the pain started all over again.

Of course I shared my “new life” with women in my life who both said “it’s the lower back – check if you feel supported”.  Yes, I feel supported in every possible way – but then it dawned on me, my cleaning lady did not feel supported, did she with her cheating beau, so and I must have listened in such a way that I “took it on”  –  once I realized that little hidden decision …Presto, Chango!   The pain left immediately, almost 80 % of it!!  Today, two weeks later,  I’m fine.

What would I have done or easily imagine doing had it not been for knowing the Logical Soul® Technique?  I would have seriously considered back surgery.  The pain was just so great I would have taken a lot of drastic measures to have peace again.  Miracle?  I think so.

Soul Logic: One and One is NOT Two!

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
michael and brigitte craig

Brigitte and Michael at the Beach

My husband Michael and I recently went to Tampa, FL on business and decided to stay two extra nights at a beach hotel.  We just love the beach, so decided “why not?”

We soon came to find out, however, that a sand-castle contest and festival going on right in front of our hotel, so there was not the expected silence Michael loves.  Personally I don’t mind it so much, what with the beach and my shopping . . .

On day two a few things happened.  One is I picked up the Tampa “Natural Awakening” and read the article from Michael A. Singer, “12 Steps to Spiritual Awakening.”  Really good article . . . in it Singer points out to “notice that you’re always try to be okay,” to “watch the mind strive to figure out how everything needs to be for you to be okay” and he invites us to stop trying to make everything o.k. and just accept and be.

Although I’m familiar with the idea, it was wonderful to read.   Then the second thing happened immediately.  Michael wanted to take the car and discover a new beach . . . about an hour away.  I really didn’t want to go anywhere, and we were leaving the next day, so I thought “why go to another beach?  Isn’t sand just sand?” …you get the picture.

I remembered Singer’s advice to “just accept” – so I looked at it.  I watched when we got lost, then had to find a store to change money to pay the tolls, then….

As you can tell, nothing went easily . . . at least that’s how it looked to me!  I actually said to Michael:  “this acceptance thing just does not work for me!  Maybe it works for other people, but as you can see, not for me.” 

When we finally were on our way, we crossed over this incredible beautiful bridge – a piece of art connecting Tampa to other beaches – and ended up in a beach restaurant that had elements of Goa, Bahamas, Hilton Head and Florida all in one.  One word came to mind:  paradise.

So we sat there and I felt very grateful to have followed Michael on this adventure and grateful for this beauty all around us. Then I pondered my resistance to following pretty much anyone’s ideas but my own.  Can you imaging how my life looks like?

Since I’m a Logical Soul® Practitioner and the so-called “mother” of Logical Soul®  I courageously said to Michael “can you test me on a few statements, like ‘it’s safe to follow people’s directions’?”

Michael obliged.  He is smart, he never “makes me do it” and the short form to my resistance to follow anyone’s ideas went back when I was two years old and my mother had an idea how to potty train me.  Well let me just tell you, that I made a decision right there that mirrored my distaste of peoples’ ideas about what’s good for me and what not.

There you have it.  Michael’s idea about going to another beach met the resistance of an unhappy two year old.  See?  One and one does not make two!  I had no logical access to why I was so resistant.  The access is the important and only thing that makes a difference.


What Am I Covering Up? Part 2

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

dream interpretation(In my last article, I spoke of my Logical Soul® session and about not feeling sacred, and changing that into being aware about the sacredness of one’s nature.  In this article I will discuss underlying reasons why we lose our sacredness.)

I lost my sacredness through shame.  But how – and why – did this happen?

When we don’t feel sacred, what do we feel?  In my case deep hidden shame that showed up . . . eating  just a little bit more in the evening of those chewy, tasty chocolate bars.

Interestingly enough, I read a book a few weeks before entitled  Daring Greatly by Brenee Brown.  I adore this book, and love her writing.  Brenee has the courage to shine light in dark places;  reading her book gave me words and permission to feel and accept shame and look at the hidden gifts!

I also previously attended a body-mind workshop by Dominique Sire, another beloved teacher and mentor of mine.   Her words are often:  “Body show me,  what are you hiding?”

According to Dominique the body does not lie.  Says she:  “Trust the body, trust the wisdom of the body.”  Check out her work at

I love real transformational work, traveling into ones own Soul and finding treasures, and often explore this through Dominique’s work and through the Logical Soul®.

What Am I Covering Up? Part 1

Saturday, November 16th, 2013
Brigitte and Michael

Brigitte and Michael

Peeling the Onion.  That’s the analogy my husband Michael Craig uses to describe the process of uncovering different layers of “stuff” that hide your true self.  Sometimes I wish not to peel anything and just be done with the whole thing . . .  then the peeling  just happens anyway, just not the way I think it should!

So I was just sitting with Michael, enjoying being silent….and then I thought, “Nah,  I should clear up something.”  I like to clear stuff up . . . ways that stop me from living, loving  and committing to my growth.  However, when I was with Michael I felt I had to clear something up.  The thought occurred “what could be be so possible wrong with me that I have to clear something up first before I can just be with him?”

It is then that the face of Osho (my spiritual master) popped up.  I remember Him telling us “you are Buddhas, you are all Buddhas;  just asleep, but that does not change the very fact of who you truly are.” 

I remember hearing these words – spoken 30 years ago – but not really hearing them.  There was just no listening for this.

So then I did a Logical Soul® session, i.e., checked in with my ancestors and asked for the gift of feeling sacred.  What I got from them was a puzzled concern about  how it is possible to “feel sacred.”   Since I (and my ancestors) come from a religious background, we always had in the back of our minds that we were sinful and never good enough.  Maybe – just maybe – I could try to find redeeming qualities about myself, but sacredness was not among them.

Long story short, I proceeded with the Logical Soul® session and finally got permission and blessings from my ancestors to really live that way, i.e., feeling sacredness in my body and life.

What happened in my life afterwards was that I lost 5 pounds in one week and cannot eat any more after feeling full (by the way, this is the second month after that session)!  I no longer need to cover up, but what was I covering up?

So what are YOU covering up?  Do a Logical Soul® session and check my next post to find out!

Inner Wisdom, Gurus, Mom and Chocolate

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Most self awareness teachers simply talk AT you.

Actually, I’ve noticed many of them scream at you . . . about their wisdom, their technique, or whatever “uplifting” message they want you to have.

While its true that most of them have something we want (or else we wouldn’t have bothered to show up), these “gurus” take full advantage of our needs, i.e., for happiness, money, fame, relationships, health, or whatever else we may crave.   So we do what they say, write stuff down and, yes, by golly we commit to practicing their methods and techniques.

Then, guess what. Three months later we’ve forgotten everything we wrote down or committed to.  So we go to another seminar or workshop where we get someone ELSE to scream at us!

Personally, I WANT to be positive. Therefore I don’t give up easily.  But after a few years even I – the most dedicated follower of gurus – have often become cynical or started to think I didn’t follow the rules properly.  Obviously, its not the GURU’s fault . . .  so it must be mine, right?

Actually no.  It wasn’t my fault.  And neither is it yours.

Oh BTW, I’m not saying that techniques taught by teachers and “gurus” don’t help you.  They can certainly do wonders for those who are ready to receive their wisdom.  But what about the rest of us?  Their teaching might not help me or you because much of their teaching – by its very nature – is “paving over the swamp.”

In other words,  you might already have some inner laws in place that won’t allow for these techniques to take root in your own life!  So, how do you find out what inner laws govern you?

Try this on . . .

All the wisdom you truly need is already in you. It only needs to be accessed and awakened.   Ask the questions and it will gladly answer.  A true “guru” or teacher is one who can teach you how to tap into your OWN inner wisdom – not give you the answers.  A true teacher is one who knows how to, essentially, act as a guide into your own field of inner wisdom – and inner resistance to that wisdom.

Guided by someone who knows what’s there, you can awaken to your own happiness and wisdom.  We must be guided by someone who respects that inner being – the One who knows everything that we ever thought, did, decided, promised, neglected, feared, trusted, and loved.

Imagine….it’s all there in oneself, hidden in plain sight.  This inner wisdom, however, is not a part of our logical consciousness.  Otherwise we would have already “fixed” it, as well as every problem we had. This is not the case.

There is a hidden logic – one that goes against our “common sense” logic that we think runs our lives.   The truth is, this inner logic runs our lives!

What if I tell you there is a technique to find the solution, and that this way  will enrich you, and make you fall in love with your self again.  Even the way itself is beautiful.  Once you get to the point where you see when – and where –  it all happened o you the first time, you will also see how it makes perfect sense that things are the way they are!

This is the inner “logic” – the logic of the soul!

Once you come to the point of discovery, back at the point of origin, you can change the original decision.  This change is profound and immediate.  The proof is the result in your daily life.  It is not some far away goal, it is immediate.  The technique is called The Logical Soul(R)  and I am so grateful to know it and have access to it.  Check out for more information.

o.k. so here we go:    i promised you yesterday that i would tell you one of my “discoveries”:

For the last 5 years or so I would every evening around 9 o’clock go in my pantry and start and pick a bar of chocolate and then eat it!  Now, during the day I’m totally health conscious, and it’s very easy for me to be that way.  I know when I’ve had enough food.

But somehow around 9 pm every night I would go on “automatic pilot”  and – even when I didn’t want to – start gobbling down the chocolate bars!  I would  observe myself doing this over and over, every night . . . like there was no choice in that matter.  I pretty much felt “done”.

So I thought about joining Over-eaters Anonymous (OA) since I completely out of control and thought I had an addiction.  I could also see where my health would be going sooner or later if I kept up this charade.

So I joined.  While I loved OA,  however, I was not able to change much of the nightly behavior.  I then thought I might be doing it “wrong,” or didn’t  take the program to heart.  ( this does not mean OA won’t work for you or that it did not work for me, OA works!)

So since Michael is my husband and he is available I asked him to  “check me out” when I had my next craving.  At first, what came up was “so what happened at 9 pm at night?”  Then I remembered:  at 9 o’clock on February 13th, 2001 my sister called from Munich to tell me that our mother died!

That was the key.  Once I locked in and “remembered,” I was able to release the decision to substitute “Chocolate for Mom” habits and the craving for chocolate stopped completely!

Sounds good, huh?  Well, not quite.  True, I stopped eating chocolate, but then switched over to other carbohydrates like cookies and pastries!   So now what?!  This problem just took on a different face. Then, this is what I did . . .

Actually, I’ll tell you tomorrow what I found out.

Channeling Your Inner Child

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011
inner child

Do you know where your Inner Child is?

Just to clear up a line of mine from a previous post, I want to talk about being a “channel,” and what it means to me (It does NOT mean, by the way, acting as a conduit for ghosts, aliens, spirits, or Avatars).

I usually talk a lot, and find it hard to really listen. But that is what I need to do when I am doing a Logical Soul(R) session with someone!  My actual job is to shut up and hear THEIR story, while letting go of my own.  I’ve found this step difficult, but very, very important.

My mind – like any good mind – wants to immediatly “fix” the person; give answers and solutions.  I naturally feel I am being very helpful, very good in fact!   But it won’t help during a session.  Again I have to shut up . . . not only when I’m in session with someone, but even when I’m doing a session on myself!

You see, I discovered I have an inner voice – I call it my Inner Child – that usually gets drowned out by my own constant mental chatter.  By adopting a listening attitude, I’m able to access my subconscious mind/inner child much more easily, and even get some answers!

I asked my Inner Child once if she would tell me what happened that caused such-and-such a problem.  I then heard her clearly say: “Yes I will tell you but you have to shut up!”    So I did.

After our conversation, I felt both magical and delighted.  I use the word “magical” because I never expected what happened!  I’m constantly in awe . . . and it makes perfect sense.  Once I get ACCESS to that part of me (my Inner Child) – or when I am present when someone else gets that same access – I have an overwhelming feeling of a sacred space, a transformational and private place where you KNOW you are precious.

I invite you to ask for guidance like this.  Dare to “channel” your Inner Being and “get it.” Your Soul knows.

The Value of Intention

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Intention leads to Soaring!

Today I want to share my take on the topic of Intention.

I had this chocolate eating thing going on and my intention was to be free of it – whatever it takes.  So it got me into reading books about amino deficiencies, taking supplements, vitamins, going to Over-Eaters Anonymous (OA), having a big break through via Logical Soul(R) session, and using more of LS work with ancestors.

Intention is like a the willingness to jump off a mountain on a para-glider.  You can do this in an instant, but you still need a harness, some planning, a ride up to the top, a pickup down below . . . you get the picture.  Also, every approach is very individualized.  Once you complete your planning, trust in this planning is then needed, as well as a bit of courage.  The whole thing is VERY worthwhile, however!

But WHY jump off a mountain at all?  Reason #1:  To discover your own Holy Grail. Remember King Arthur and his search?  Every one of us has an inner Grail to be discovered.  None of us will be happy unless we have found our Grail . . . or at least got on the path to finding it. This is one of the most important and worthwhile things one can do.   This need is built in and cannot be substituted by any drug or activity. Because without being committed to our own search, addiction and depression will soon set in!

Intention is that commitment.

To Dare or Not to Dare

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

I just read Beate’s comment, her sharing and her story in reply to “Bloggin”  and what showed up for me is the ancient old question: “Do I or do/shall I not”  or in concrete language:  “will I tell my truth or not”, “will I dare or not to be vulnerable and share”- and with that all the possibilties open up of :  will I be embarassed, embarass someone else, be hurt, hurt someone else, will it make me look good/bad, make the other other look bad and ad infinitum. 

However, what is on the other side when we really have the tools to get to the other side?  Freedom, Truth, Light, Love, Intimacy, Lightness,  Joy.  So yes, it is worth it.  I always wanted to get there, always knew if  I just find out what makes me tick or why I do/feel the things I do/feel……..I will get all the good stuff, but alas I fell and fell and then some more but somehow I just knew…..

Life must have had utterly compassion with me because in 1990 I met Michael and with him the technique Life prompted him to create a technique he named “Logical Soul” ™ and thus my key to freedom, truth and all the other good stuff.    Now when we start with a “problem” whatever that might be and to me it most always looks and feels very dramatic, it’s the stuff of life and death are made out of… when we start with the problem I have no idea where “it” (the technique LS ™) will lead me but once I’m through, I know I’m through because only when I am really through I am happy or feel very silent or …..never know how “it -(LS ™) in this case “the good stuff” shows up.  So it has its logic but it is Soul Logic and for every person and for every issue it shows up differently.  It always has the components of surprise, compassion and love in it.  Logical Soul ™ makes the journey fun and adventurous and ……more in the next blog.  Enjoy!