Channeling Your Inner Child

inner child

Do you know where your Inner Child is?

Just to clear up a line of mine from a previous post, I want to talk about being a “channel,” and what it means to me (It does NOT mean, by the way, acting as a conduit for ghosts, aliens, spirits, or Avatars).

I usually talk a lot, and find it hard to really listen. But that is what I need to do when I am doing a Logical Soul(R) session with someone!  My actual job is to shut up and hear THEIR story, while letting go of my own.  I’ve found this step difficult, but very, very important.

My mind – like any good mind – wants to immediatly “fix” the person; give answers and solutions.  I naturally feel I am being very helpful, very good in fact!   But it won’t help during a session.  Again I have to shut up . . . not only when I’m in session with someone, but even when I’m doing a session on myself!

You see, I discovered I have an inner voice – I call it my Inner Child – that usually gets drowned out by my own constant mental chatter.  By adopting a listening attitude, I’m able to access my subconscious mind/inner child much more easily, and even get some answers!

I asked my Inner Child once if she would tell me what happened that caused such-and-such a problem.  I then heard her clearly say: “Yes I will tell you but you have to shut up!”    So I did.

After our conversation, I felt both magical and delighted.  I use the word “magical” because I never expected what happened!  I’m constantly in awe . . . and it makes perfect sense.  Once I get ACCESS to that part of me (my Inner Child) – or when I am present when someone else gets that same access – I have an overwhelming feeling of a sacred space, a transformational and private place where you KNOW you are precious.

I invite you to ask for guidance like this.  Dare to “channel” your Inner Being and “get it.” Your Soul knows.

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