Taking On ‘Other People’s Stuff”

other people's stuff

Wearing OPS?

Do you unwittingly take on “other people’s stuff”??  I do, and so often it gets in the way of normal living!

Other People’s Stuff (also OPS) is a strange malady that occurs – usually in very sensitive people – that can manifest in many ways.  Sometimes these ways can be beneficial – like taking on a sudden strength when needed – but often the OPS assumes the role of whiner, complainer, angry tyrant, or victim.  If you are suffering from acute OPS, chances are you’re not even aware anything different has happened – especially if you’ve done this all your life!

So how do you know when OPS has taken over your feelings and senses?  Muscle testing.

Muscle testing is a simple way of finding out the “yeses” and “no’s” in your life.  My husband and I use simple statements to test whether or not something is true for us.  Starting with “My name is Brigitte” and other obvious statements, we can quickly establish the strength of the muscle for true statements.  By changing the statements to obvious false ones like “My name is Charles,” I can feel the difference in my muscle strength enough to determine that the statement is false.  Then we test for staatements that are unknown…

Testing for OPS involves simply testing the statement “This [pain, anxiety, etc feeling] is mine.”  If the statement (muscle) is strong, then the issue is yours and needs more attention paid to your inner child decisions.  If, on the other hand, the statement tests weak, then you must decide whether or not the OPS in question comes from some one you know or have associated with in the recent past.

I often take on my sister’s stuff, for example, jsut by talking with her over the phone.  Because I love her – and because she has unresolved issues that I feel I must “fix” (at least subconsciously) I often assume the Big Sister role without a second thought and take on her pain or disturbances.  The same goes with friends and other family members.

Curiously enough, I don’t have as much problem with strangers, unless I connect with them on a heart level.  Because the heart connection has (usually) not be established, I have no reason to connect, and therefore don’t assume OPS.

Check out your own “stuff” and see if it is yours – or someone else’s.  You may be surprised!


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