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Taking On ‘Other People’s Stuff”

Monday, September 1st, 2014
other people's stuff

Wearing OPS?

Do you unwittingly take on “other people’s stuff”??  I do, and so often it gets in the way of normal living!

Other People’s Stuff (also OPS) is a strange malady that occurs – usually in very sensitive people – that can manifest in many ways.  Sometimes these ways can be beneficial – like taking on a sudden strength when needed – but often the OPS assumes the role of whiner, complainer, angry tyrant, or victim.  If you are suffering from acute OPS, chances are you’re not even aware anything different has happened – especially if you’ve done this all your life!

So how do you know when OPS has taken over your feelings and senses?  Muscle testing.

Muscle testing is a simple way of finding out the “yeses” and “no’s” in your life.  My husband and I use simple statements to test whether or not something is true for us.  Starting with “My name is Brigitte” and other obvious statements, we can quickly establish the strength of the muscle for true statements.  By changing the statements to obvious false ones like “My name is Charles,” I can feel the difference in my muscle strength enough to determine that the statement is false.  Then we test for staatements that are unknown…

Testing for OPS involves simply testing the statement “This [pain, anxiety, etc feeling] is mine.”  If the statement (muscle) is strong, then the issue is yours and needs more attention paid to your inner child decisions.  If, on the other hand, the statement tests weak, then you must decide whether or not the OPS in question comes from some one you know or have associated with in the recent past.

I often take on my sister’s stuff, for example, jsut by talking with her over the phone.  Because I love her – and because she has unresolved issues that I feel I must “fix” (at least subconsciously) I often assume the Big Sister role without a second thought and take on her pain or disturbances.  The same goes with friends and other family members.

Curiously enough, I don’t have as much problem with strangers, unless I connect with them on a heart level.  Because the heart connection has (usually) not be established, I have no reason to connect, and therefore don’t assume OPS.

Check out your own “stuff” and see if it is yours – or someone else’s.  You may be surprised!


Oh, This Feeling of Longing….

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

longingYesterday I told you about “taking on other people’s feelings.” Today I want to share with you a story that could have been dramatic but then just evaporated….

It’s Saturday,  I’m driving in my car, enjoying the sun shine, feeling grateful for just being alive, when I see one of my neighbors standing with a lady friend in front of his house.  I see him, he looks at me and whoosh I have this feeling of incredible longing.  So I go on driving, run my errands observing “longing.”  Longing can be very painful ….and it’s intense, so I am thinking “what do I do?”

I mean I am trying to live an authentic life.  Should  I visit him?    So no, I go home to Michael and tell him……by the way, Michael and I have an agreement to tell each other everything, even if its difficult to say.  And no, it’s not fun.  I suspect none of us like it because we think “I won’t look good” and  I feel embarrassed, of course.

But what’s also true is that Michael is my friend as well as my husband.  He knows I will never hurt him, and just want to know what’s really going on with me.  I also know he will not freak out when I tell him things (this is, of course, important).  He just sits there, listening patiently.  He knows he’s a great guy, loves me, and doesn’t question how I feel, except to help me past it.  I don’t know how he got that – maybe from his beloved grandmother Mimi).

Anyhow, so I tell him that I have this longing for this neighbor guy and he does the Logical Soul® muscle testing while having me make statements like “these are my feelings” or “someone else’s feelings,” etc.  And guess what?  These feelings are NOT mine – they belonged to my neighbor’s  lady friend who stood with him.   They were her longings for him.

The moment I got that  these intense feeling of longing did not originate from me, but were just “pick up feelings,”  that intensity was suddenly gone……poof!  Do you know what I would have done 30 years earlier in my life, not knowing what I know now, but living in the space of “being real”?  I would have packed my suit case and left my husband.    I guess that’s why we were blessed to discover the Logical Soul® . . . to stay sane and help others be the same!

Can you imagine how the world would be with so much LESS DRAMA in it?  It staggers the imagination!