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To Dare or Not to Dare

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

I just read Beate’s comment, her sharing and her story in reply to “Bloggin”  and what showed up for me is the ancient old question: “Do I or do/shall I not”  or in concrete language:  “will I tell my truth or not”, “will I dare or not to be vulnerable and share”- and with that all the possibilties open up of :  will I be embarassed, embarass someone else, be hurt, hurt someone else, will it make me look good/bad, make the other other look bad and ad infinitum. 

However, what is on the other side when we really have the tools to get to the other side?  Freedom, Truth, Light, Love, Intimacy, Lightness,  Joy.  So yes, it is worth it.  I always wanted to get there, always knew if  I just find out what makes me tick or why I do/feel the things I do/feel……..I will get all the good stuff, but alas I fell and fell and then some more but somehow I just knew…..

Life must have had utterly compassion with me because in 1990 I met Michael and with him the technique Life prompted him to create a technique he named “Logical Soul” ™ and thus my key to freedom, truth and all the other good stuff.    Now when we start with a “problem” whatever that might be and to me it most always looks and feels very dramatic, it’s the stuff of life and death are made out of… when we start with the problem I have no idea where “it” (the technique LS ™) will lead me but once I’m through, I know I’m through because only when I am really through I am happy or feel very silent or …..never know how “it -(LS ™) in this case “the good stuff” shows up.  So it has its logic but it is Soul Logic and for every person and for every issue it shows up differently.  It always has the components of surprise, compassion and love in it.  Logical Soul ™ makes the journey fun and adventurous and ……more in the next blog.  Enjoy!