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Dreams and Ex-Boyfriends

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

dream interpretationMy ex boyfriend Karl appeared in my dreams lately.  Whenever he did it was a given that I then “was with him again”.  That was just so, according to the dream.  I don’t know what the normal dream interpretation would be, but I have my own version.

Now in my conscious mind (my real waking life) I am glad to be married for 15 years to Michael and I want really want nothing to have to do with Karl.   In my dreams, however, it seemed it was not a choice.

So I woke up with this heavy feeling  and told Michael about it.  He said I was just seeing the good male (him of course) and the bad male (ex boyfried of course), and asked if I wanted him to beat up the ex for me.  I said yes, yes, do that.  So in my mind’s eye I imagined Michael in his superman costume and then I imagined Karl – but what came up was “little Karl”  – Karl’s inner child.  and then everything made sense to me.

When adult Karl was mean to me I told him then many, many years ago, that the (mental, emotional) pain I felt he must have felt when he was a child,  and that someone did that to him; also that he had no guts to explore that pain and it’s origin.   So in a way I was very, very close to his inner child.  In this scenario I explained to “little Karl” that I will move on now, and asked who I could bring to him for support.  I brought his parents in, his teacher, blessed him and bid him adieu.

I had no idea that I carried all this . . . and why now?  Thank you Michael for Logical Soul (tm) work!  Oh and Thank You for being you, someone I can share my truth with always!

Now one thing about Logical Soul(tm) and Pain.  In the therapies of the 70’s and 80’s one was connected to the drama of one’s life and kind of stayed there for a long time.  That’s no longer necessary.  Logical Soul(tm) uses pain and feelings as a quick doorway: you feel it and use it like an elevator to get you to the solution.

Now there is more to do to disconnect from ex boyfriends, ex girlfriends. I will do a write up on that later.

The work I am describing when we do sessions comes from  My recommendation: read the book or book a session.  You will be so glad you did.

Conscious Mind

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Michael had Dr. Teri Mahaney on his radio show yesterday, (Logical Soul Talk, Blog Talk Radio, call in 347-843-4544, every Tuesday from 6:00- 6:30)  and she said something very important what happens to every one who goes through a process that really changes / resolves “the problem/issue”.

Most of the times I go into a session with Michael and it’s a life and death issue of course, and once I get “access” to the issue, or the first time I created the decision that “life is so from now on”  and clear whatever needs to be cleared that life and death issue is completely gone.

What I mean is I don’t remember it, I have a hard time recalling that issue when I try to share it with someone, it is really gone.  What the pity of that is as Dr. Teri Mahaney pointed out is that we don’t really see how we as human beings evolve.

Well the mind is freer now, has more space to just be not-minded and not burdened with the obsession, that is a good deal.  And I thought from now on any one having a LS (Logical Soul) session must write down the issue, the pain on a scale from 1 – 10 and once the session is complete rewrite the pain on the scale from 1 – 10.  So the CM (conscious mind) can see, oh yes, I did that, good job and thanks.


Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

So,  I watched myself for the last few month “not-blogging”, wanting to blog but…. just did not do it.  So this morning I felt this space of “won’t blog” again and just stayed with it and shared that with Michael, just saying what’s so and when I looked a little deeper came up was “I need permission to express myself”  hmmh, from whom?

Well I checked (via muscle testing or kinesology) no, not from God but from my boss?  Now, my boss …… did I get there?  So I asked Michael to get me to the first time I made the decision that I need permission, or what scene in my life got me to that point where I am now “not daring to express myself, needing permission from a boss like person” and in a second I was there.  

As the mother in “Golden Girls” always said:  “picture it.., Sicily”  well in my case,  picture it, 1960, Germany I’m 5 years old in front of a milk store and I’m holding this toy in my hand.  There is also this young lady pushing a stroller and the child looks at my toy and really wants it, as he is nearly leaping out of the stroller.  I look at my toy, look at the lady and say, o.k. he can have it for 5 marks.  Lady looks at me very disgusted and says let’s go to your mother.  So we march one block to see my mother, lady explains to my mother and both women agree that I should just give away my toy and be happy! 

So…….I made many decisions at that moment and was of them was “it’s not safe to express myself”.   Now, since I saw the story, felt the event, I mean I am right there, now I can go to this little 5 year old as I am now as a grown up and ask her what she needs at this moment.  She told me she needs her mother to completely approve of her creativity how to exchange her toy for 5 marks.  So I the adult asked my mother to go ahead and extend all approval she got to the little one.    I asked my little girl is she fells safe enough now -with me at her side forever- to express herself fully, and, yes she said ohyes!

 So here I am, finally able to blog this evening.   As the saying goes “the proof is in the pudding”.

I found out that there are a few main stories/events in every ones life and we made lots of decisions at that moment at these events in rapid order.  I am so very lucky because I live with Michael who found this great technique, easy to use, not much talk, just going right to the bottom of “the event” and change the decision.  Life is great.  I am so grateful to have tools like that. I am so grateful to the people in my life.  Big Thanks to Dr. Leon Lashner, Atlanta who every time he saw me asked:  “have you started writing yet?”  Thank you to my beloved husband Michael Craig for always being available to me “to check me out”.  Many stories to follow.  Can’t wait to share them with you and hope to inspire sharing your own stories with me/us.

o.k. Now I’m back

Monday, October 25th, 2010

So, finally Michael did show me how to blog.  So……I look forward to sharing information on relationships and new discoveries.