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Inner Wisdom, Gurus, Mom and Chocolate

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Most self awareness teachers simply talk AT you.

Actually, I’ve noticed many of them scream at you . . . about their wisdom, their technique, or whatever “uplifting” message they want you to have.

While its true that most of them have something we want (or else we wouldn’t have bothered to show up), these “gurus” take full advantage of our needs, i.e., for happiness, money, fame, relationships, health, or whatever else we may crave.   So we do what they say, write stuff down and, yes, by golly we commit to practicing their methods and techniques.

Then, guess what. Three months later we’ve forgotten everything we wrote down or committed to.  So we go to another seminar or workshop where we get someone ELSE to scream at us!

Personally, I WANT to be positive. Therefore I don’t give up easily.  But after a few years even I – the most dedicated follower of gurus – have often become cynical or started to think I didn’t follow the rules properly.  Obviously, its not the GURU’s fault . . .  so it must be mine, right?

Actually no.  It wasn’t my fault.  And neither is it yours.

Oh BTW, I’m not saying that techniques taught by teachers and “gurus” don’t help you.  They can certainly do wonders for those who are ready to receive their wisdom.  But what about the rest of us?  Their teaching might not help me or you because much of their teaching – by its very nature – is “paving over the swamp.”

In other words,  you might already have some inner laws in place that won’t allow for these techniques to take root in your own life!  So, how do you find out what inner laws govern you?

Try this on . . .

All the wisdom you truly need is already in you. It only needs to be accessed and awakened.   Ask the questions and it will gladly answer.  A true “guru” or teacher is one who can teach you how to tap into your OWN inner wisdom – not give you the answers.  A true teacher is one who knows how to, essentially, act as a guide into your own field of inner wisdom – and inner resistance to that wisdom.

Guided by someone who knows what’s there, you can awaken to your own happiness and wisdom.  We must be guided by someone who respects that inner being – the One who knows everything that we ever thought, did, decided, promised, neglected, feared, trusted, and loved.

Imagine….it’s all there in oneself, hidden in plain sight.  This inner wisdom, however, is not a part of our logical consciousness.  Otherwise we would have already “fixed” it, as well as every problem we had. This is not the case.

There is a hidden logic – one that goes against our “common sense” logic that we think runs our lives.   The truth is, this inner logic runs our lives!

What if I tell you there is a technique to find the solution, and that this way  will enrich you, and make you fall in love with your self again.  Even the way itself is beautiful.  Once you get to the point where you see when – and where –  it all happened o you the first time, you will also see how it makes perfect sense that things are the way they are!

This is the inner “logic” – the logic of the soul!

Once you come to the point of discovery, back at the point of origin, you can change the original decision.  This change is profound and immediate.  The proof is the result in your daily life.  It is not some far away goal, it is immediate.  The technique is called The Logical Soul(R)  and I am so grateful to know it and have access to it.  Check out for more information.

o.k. so here we go:    i promised you yesterday that i would tell you one of my “discoveries”:

For the last 5 years or so I would every evening around 9 o’clock go in my pantry and start and pick a bar of chocolate and then eat it!  Now, during the day I’m totally health conscious, and it’s very easy for me to be that way.  I know when I’ve had enough food.

But somehow around 9 pm every night I would go on “automatic pilot”  and – even when I didn’t want to – start gobbling down the chocolate bars!  I would  observe myself doing this over and over, every night . . . like there was no choice in that matter.  I pretty much felt “done”.

So I thought about joining Over-eaters Anonymous (OA) since I completely out of control and thought I had an addiction.  I could also see where my health would be going sooner or later if I kept up this charade.

So I joined.  While I loved OA,  however, I was not able to change much of the nightly behavior.  I then thought I might be doing it “wrong,” or didn’t  take the program to heart.  ( this does not mean OA won’t work for you or that it did not work for me, OA works!)

So since Michael is my husband and he is available I asked him to  “check me out” when I had my next craving.  At first, what came up was “so what happened at 9 pm at night?”  Then I remembered:  at 9 o’clock on February 13th, 2001 my sister called from Munich to tell me that our mother died!

That was the key.  Once I locked in and “remembered,” I was able to release the decision to substitute “Chocolate for Mom” habits and the craving for chocolate stopped completely!

Sounds good, huh?  Well, not quite.  True, I stopped eating chocolate, but then switched over to other carbohydrates like cookies and pastries!   So now what?!  This problem just took on a different face. Then, this is what I did . . .

Actually, I’ll tell you tomorrow what I found out.

Channeling Your Inner Child

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011
inner child

Do you know where your Inner Child is?

Just to clear up a line of mine from a previous post, I want to talk about being a “channel,” and what it means to me (It does NOT mean, by the way, acting as a conduit for ghosts, aliens, spirits, or Avatars).

I usually talk a lot, and find it hard to really listen. But that is what I need to do when I am doing a Logical Soul(R) session with someone!  My actual job is to shut up and hear THEIR story, while letting go of my own.  I’ve found this step difficult, but very, very important.

My mind – like any good mind – wants to immediatly “fix” the person; give answers and solutions.  I naturally feel I am being very helpful, very good in fact!   But it won’t help during a session.  Again I have to shut up . . . not only when I’m in session with someone, but even when I’m doing a session on myself!

You see, I discovered I have an inner voice – I call it my Inner Child – that usually gets drowned out by my own constant mental chatter.  By adopting a listening attitude, I’m able to access my subconscious mind/inner child much more easily, and even get some answers!

I asked my Inner Child once if she would tell me what happened that caused such-and-such a problem.  I then heard her clearly say: “Yes I will tell you but you have to shut up!”    So I did.

After our conversation, I felt both magical and delighted.  I use the word “magical” because I never expected what happened!  I’m constantly in awe . . . and it makes perfect sense.  Once I get ACCESS to that part of me (my Inner Child) – or when I am present when someone else gets that same access – I have an overwhelming feeling of a sacred space, a transformational and private place where you KNOW you are precious.

I invite you to ask for guidance like this.  Dare to “channel” your Inner Being and “get it.” Your Soul knows.

The Value of Intention

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Intention leads to Soaring!

Today I want to share my take on the topic of Intention.

I had this chocolate eating thing going on and my intention was to be free of it – whatever it takes.  So it got me into reading books about amino deficiencies, taking supplements, vitamins, going to Over-Eaters Anonymous (OA), having a big break through via Logical Soul(R) session, and using more of LS work with ancestors.

Intention is like a the willingness to jump off a mountain on a para-glider.  You can do this in an instant, but you still need a harness, some planning, a ride up to the top, a pickup down below . . . you get the picture.  Also, every approach is very individualized.  Once you complete your planning, trust in this planning is then needed, as well as a bit of courage.  The whole thing is VERY worthwhile, however!

But WHY jump off a mountain at all?  Reason #1:  To discover your own Holy Grail. Remember King Arthur and his search?  Every one of us has an inner Grail to be discovered.  None of us will be happy unless we have found our Grail . . . or at least got on the path to finding it. This is one of the most important and worthwhile things one can do.   This need is built in and cannot be substituted by any drug or activity. Because without being committed to our own search, addiction and depression will soon set in!

Intention is that commitment.

How to Start a Conversations with Ancestors

Monday, March 7th, 2011

"Mutti" HartmannSo did you ever had a conversation in your head with your mother, father, best friend, teacher, lover, husband, wife? I had a conversation recently with my deceased mother and her ancestors . . . and you know what?  They are right there!

I asked for this conference from her side of the family and told them what I want, i.e., that I would like my life to be easy, graceful (and of course to contribute).   They told me why they thought it’s important to have it hard and why it is important to struggle . . . mainly because they are good people, and good people struggle.  They added it is more religious to have life hard, and that in their minds God wanted them to be like that.

So I thanked them first for meaning well, and asked if I could bring someone to them who they might listen to . . . someone who would talk about life and ease and grace.  So who would they listen to?    They gave me the name of a Being they would consider, and I asked this Being to come in.  (By the way, this Being is different for everyone, and it is different for every one of my issues as well!)

So once the Being appeared he shared with them His truth and it was so clear all of my ancestors “got it”.  Tomorrow I want to talk about Intention and Channeling.