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The Hero’s Journey: The Longing In Our Soul

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

excaliburWhy do people take drugs?

Apparently most try to escape their lives, their circumstances, their ill health or their relationships with others or with the Divine.  I was lucky; I found a spiritual master, and married a wonderful man who stands for total transformation.

I thought if I had one day to teach in a class room for 13 – 16 year young people, my theme  would be about finding “the Grail” like in the King Arthur story.  And I remember, being 16 years old,  having to give a verbal test for graduation about that very topic and I remember my German teacher, Frau Fesser,  swinging her feet, and kind of taking me on a journey -in the middle of a very important test – mind you- about finding the sword and what it meant, all stuff we have never discussed ever in her class.  But I remember I was transported in another realm.   So what I would like to pass on to younger people is a bit of my understanding, such as …

1) Discover your Journey.  It’s all inside, full of dark forces  and light shining and until you find “it”, nothing will ever fulfill you, ever.

2) Go make that journey.   You might not find “it.”  Yes, it belongs to you,  but just to be on the journey, so many treasures ….what grace.

3) You are responsible for finding your own path. There might not even BE one path, or you might simply create it while you walk it.

I remember being 8 years old, I remember where I stood (in front of the house, looking upward) and thinking out very loud: Hey God, is that really all there is? 

What I meant was …that can’t be all, these parties my parents gave, going to school, feeling of  not belonging, feeling of being different… a string of unhappy feelings interrupted by a spark of Christmas feeling every now and then.   I also know whenever I asked, I got an answer in some form or another . . . usually not the way I ever expected.   It was God or Life talking to me, and it was always magical and graceful.

Have a great journey . . . And accept that you are a Hero!