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I Will Write a Book

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Michael and Brigitte

Just a very short note for today . . .  I am committing to write a book about relationships between men and women!   I will get my husband Michael to help (since English is only my second language), but I want to contribute most of the content.

I just thought of one of the “sins” men do, for example . . . they make it harder for women to love!  If you’re a woman, it’s painful not to love, isn’t it?  I don’t mean falling in love . . . I mean that love is really the nature of all women.

Anyway, more next time …..

o.k. Now I’m back

Monday, October 25th, 2010

So, finally Michael did show me how to blog.  So……I look forward to sharing information on relationships and new discoveries.

Stop the Drama – Stay Together!

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Brigitte & Micahel in Key West

Welcome to – the place where TRUE “soul” in a relationship lives!!

Every so often I’ll be bringing you some ideas and tips that can make the  relationship with your husband, wife, or life partner SO rewarding and exciting, you’ll wonder HOW you ever lived without this knowledge before!!

My name is Brigitte Craig. I’m married to a wonderful man – a former chiropractor named Michael – who created a unique process called “The Logical Soul.” Without this work, quite frankly, we would not be together.

I know this because each of us came into the relationship with “stuff” or emotional baggage that we picked up from a lifetime of hurt, disappointment, fear, and mistrust.  You get married and “BOOM” . . . before you know it you are projecting all this Stuff onto the other person.

Even when we KNOW what we’re doing, we can’t help ourselves!  Shame, blame and justification permeates out lives.  Just like putting on yellow glasses suddenly makes everything out there look like pollen, our emotionally-charged “hidden decisions” keeps stabbing us in the gut!

As a woman I am particularly open to such emotional lashing out.  I kept telling “Michael . . . have some mercy on other men out there and let their women know what’s going on!”  He’s done some of that, but is focused mostly on home business development.

I guess its up to me to share this with the women – and men – who want to STOP the drama and STAY together by becoming a couple through a process I call “logical soul mates.”

Enjoy . . . and feel free to write me or leave comments!