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Relationship and Low Back Pain: How Miracles Happen

Friday, January 24th, 2014

low back pain causesHow do relationships – and even stories of these relationships – impact health and low back pain?  Ask me!

A lady who helps me clean our house came over and while cleaning told me about the newest developments in her troubled relationship.  Not good – drugs, cheating, really not good.  In the meantime we packed away all the Christmas stuff outside and inside the house and I felt so grateful how easy that went and how clear the house looked again.

When the evening came around I had spasms in my lower back.  I really discovered  excruciating pain and told Michael that the life I have lived until this day has changed forever (I tend to be a little dramatic).   Any movement was painful and the thought being dependent on my husband for any movement did not help.  My husband Michael (a chiropractor) examined my low back and suspected I had a disc problem or herniation.  He then adjusted it and put me on the inversion table.  Nothing seemed to help.  Finally I had to take some pain pills.  They helped until the next morning, but then the pain started all over again.

Of course I shared my “new life” with women in my life who both said “it’s the lower back – check if you feel supported”.  Yes, I feel supported in every possible way – but then it dawned on me, my cleaning lady did not feel supported, did she with her cheating beau, so and I must have listened in such a way that I “took it on”  –  once I realized that little hidden decision …Presto, Chango!   The pain left immediately, almost 80 % of it!!  Today, two weeks later,  I’m fine.

What would I have done or easily imagine doing had it not been for knowing the Logical Soul® Technique?  I would have seriously considered back surgery.  The pain was just so great I would have taken a lot of drastic measures to have peace again.  Miracle?  I think so.